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Mar 14, 2013 5:00pm EDT
that experience. he stayed on in belgium after the ward ended to run a liberated ford motor company plant that was rebuilding american made cars and trucks for sale to european governments. landing that job was the second best thing that happened to him in belgium. by far his greatest stroke of luck was he met his wife louise. before he retired from the steel business he used to have to carry two briefcases to keep his activities straight. in one was the things he needed for business. the other held the briewpts and details of all the works of philanthropy by the council of hellenes. in the intraition of cyprus in 74 he founded the congress to press for peace and justice in cyprus. he served as president or chairman or both over the years and every greek american organization wanted andy to be part of it. in 1995, leaders of organizations representing the seven million hellenes living outside of greece met to create an organization uniting all greeks around the world. the wrult was the world council of hellenes. who did they choose as the new president? the dean, andy athens. if they ther
Mar 15, 2013 9:00am EDT
ford related to special needs plans under medicare advantage. across those 19 recommendations, there were a total of 302 yes votes from medpac commissions, five no votes and three abstentions. so there's a substantial consensus in the commission in favor of the recommendations in our report. if i could highlight just one thing in my opening statement it would be recommendation to repeal the sgr system, sustainable growth rate system, medicare physician payment program. as you well know, cbo recently we estimated the cost of repeal, and it is dramatically lower than it has been in recent years. from our perspective sgr repeal is now on sale, and the sale price may not last so we urge you to take advantage of this opportunity. we also urge you to include in the repeal legislation to other things. one is provisions that we rebound space between cognitive and -- with particular emphasis on primary care. second provision designed to encourage movement towards new payment systems. as we see it, payment reform, that is, moving away from fee-for-service to new payment models like acco
Mar 15, 2013 12:00pm EDT
found them and she got the votes. that's microtargeting. harold ford the former head of the democratic leadership council has said look of course obama had a more powerful message. but he also was able to find voters in states like ohio and florida and colorado that had never been found before and we have to emulate that to prevent any chance of success. lastly, there is one thing we do have to worry about. we are seeing a deterrent to change the rules of the game. it's not just michael targeting. it's an attempt to obliterate the system that we have in this country and to introduce a greater element of fraud. right now all of the liberal groups -- all of the liberal groups are trying to push for something called mandatory voter registration. this would be a disaster. of course we have an antiquated registration system to the lobby of 2 million dead people. i don't support representation without restoration. [laughter] we have 2.75 million people in one state. we have one out of a voter registrations are inaccurate. the way to fix that isn't to throw away the whole registration system
Mar 19, 2013 12:00pm EDT
, it is israel you would be hard-pressed to find a ford minivan's worth of israelis that who are anti-american. they want to like an american president. whatever their differences have been with obama and they have been recorded in polls, for the most part every stop along the visit is designed, is very well choreographed to touch deeper chords in israeli society whether a visit to the shrine of book, talking about historical attachment of land or the stop at hertzel's tomb or talking to israeli kids about the future of the 21st century these are things obama will do very well at and i think this trip is already, i would be surprised if it isn't a success. there will be hiccups. why didn't he talk to the knesset. why weren't the students from ariel invited along with other college students? there will be some hiccups but i think the public part will be successful to the extent i can. the way i see it obama doing the outreach, some say oh, he wants just to check a box. i think he sees the way towards magging the relationship with the israeli government runs through the israeli public.
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4